Michal Berezin: ESPN

Name: Michal Berezin
Internship Company: ESPN
Role: Sales & Marketing Intern, Sports Management
What did you do before Stern? 
I worked in fundraising at a Museum
What was your role over the summer? 
I worked in the Sports Management departed, working on integrated marketing campaigns for different sports leagues
What were your responsibilities? 
I worked on competitive analyses of different sports networks, pulled video from internal streaming services for clients, and looked at digital analytics for campaigns.
What was a typical day like?
I had a typical 9-5. Each day there were a few meetings, either with creative to come up with new solutions for clients or with other staff at ESPN to help me with my intern project. I would spend a few hours pulling different video feeds or doing some research for clients. Some days I would assist other departments in building decks.
What drew you to this company and role? 
I was really interested in the positioning of ESPN in the industry at such a critical time. With OTT and cord cutting, I wanted to be a part of a company like ESPN that has more time to adapt and approach the new challenges.
What experiences (if any) helped prepare you for this internship?
Going to the sessions held by EMTA to learn about the industry were very helpful. The most helpful in preparing for this internship was the NY and LA Treks. I had the opportunity to hear about the most important issues in the industry and the different ways that companies are rising to the challenge.
What was the best advice you received during the recruiting process?
Make sure that you have your own story and your own reasons for working at a company. You want to stand out during the recruiting process, not just become another check in the box.
How did you spend your time preparing for recruiting and interviews? 
I researched different companies, read articles in Variety and The Hollywood Reporter, and practiced using the IGNITE workbook.
Did you find anything surprising during recruiting or the internship? 
I was surprised that some media companies have you record yourself answering questions instead of a phone interview. It take some getting used to.
What was your most memorable experience over the summer?
Working on the intern summer project was an incredible experience. I got to meet with so many different people across the company and was really given all the tools I needed to create an innovative and insightful project.
What do you look forward to as an MBA2?
I look forward to the next challenge.