Laura Berghoff: Verizon go90

I was able to expand my understanding of the industry and work firsthand in a rapidly changing environment. 
— Laura

Internship Company:  Verizon go90

Role: Product Marketing Intern

What did you do before Stern?  
I spent 8 years working in the sports industry at ESPN. Most recently, I worked in the Sports Management group doing multimedia sponsorship marketing for events like Monday Night Football, Wimbledon & the US Open, X Games, and the NBA.  

What was your role over the summer?  
My role as a product marketing intern was to support the go90 marketing team that worked on marketing the go90 app through a number of multimedia channels to encourage customer acquisition and retention. 

What were your responsibilities? 
My responsibilities over the summer were to analyze go90's current marketing strategy and to create a comprehensive future marketing strategy for their sports facing digital video streaming platform utilizing paid media, earned and owned media, social, PR, CRM, talent and programming tactics, as well as Verizon partner channels. I also was tasked with developing strategies for customer acquisition and retention by leveraging their soccer programming.    

What was a typical day like?
A typical day was a 9-6, with various meetings spread throughout the day. Our group coordinated marketing efforts across many different channels, so each day we met with various groups such as PR, social, programming, talent, CRM, etc. In between meetings, I spent a great deal of time analyzing Business Intelligence data and tracking the progress of programs that were in place as it related to minutes viewed, customer acquisition, etc. I was also encouraged to take time out of each week to meet with other groups and people in the company to ensure that I got the most comprehensive experience possible. 

What drew you to this company and role? 
I was drawn to Verizon and to this role because it seemed very strategic and relevant to the future movement of the Media and Entertainment industry. I was intrigued by Verizon, typically thought of as a large telecommunications company, as betting on cable companies folding and the future of media streaming being mobile streaming. Coming from a traditional TV media background, I was able to expand my understanding of the industry and work firsthand in a rapidly changing environment. 

What was your most memorable experience over the summer?
My most memorable experience over the summer was my final intern presentation. I was very impressed by the exposure that interns received, and I was presenting directly to the SVP of Consumer Products and the EVP of Product Innovation and New Business. My research concluded some points that were critical of Verizon's current effort and resources towards go90, and not only did I feel secure in presenting my findings, but I was blown away by how interested the company leaders were in my thoughts on progress and change. I walked away from my internship really feeling that I had made a positive impact to my group and to the company overall.